Textual Listing Installation

Difference between Full Theme Installation and Listing Installation

Listing installation is different only because of the different plugins that are installed. Full theme installation have few more required plugins. Everything else is completely the same.

What plugins I should install when prompted

This is more of a question of what plugins you shouldn't install when prompted. From the prompt you shouldn't install below plugins.

  1. PBS_Craftory_Jobs - deactivate
  2. PBS_Craftory_Reviews - deactivate

If you want to have reviews system for Craftsman Listing only you can have it by installing PBS_Craftsman_Testimonials plugin.

Installing through WP Admin

Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard then go to Appearance -> Themes _and click on _Add New button then click on Upload to upload your theme.

Enter _01_Craftory_Theme _folder and upload craftsman.zip file to WordPress server.

Wait for WordPress to finish uploading theme and then on next window click Activate.

Installing Required Plugins

When you activate the theme you will be prompted to install required plugins. Required plugins are necessary for proper working of the theme.

There are two types of required plugins for this theme.

  1. Required Plugins - These are the plugins that are needed for theme to work properly. If any of this plugins is not activated then the theme will not work properly.
  2. Recommended Plugins - These plugins are not absolutely necessary for theme to work properly but they will extend functionality of the theme for the better.

Below is the screenshot that will show you how required plugins prompt will be displayed to you:

Click on _Begin installing plugin _and you will be taken to plugins installation board.

There you can quickly install all required plugins by selecting them all and choosing from select box Install _option then _Apply.

After waiting for plugins to install you will be prompted to activate them the same way you were prompted to install.

Repeat the installation process but this time choose _Activate _instead of Install.

While there are required plugins that needs to be installed or activate you will be able to access them through Appearance -> Install Required Plugins.

How to import demo content

Now you have fully installed the Craftory theme. The next thing you need to do is to install demo content.

This is One Click Demo Import which means that all that you have to do is to go to Appearance -> Import Demo Content _and click on button _Import Demo Content and wait for import to finish the process.

See images below to understand how it is properly done:

When you click on button make sure that you wait as long as it is necessary ( it can take up to 10 minutes on really slow servers ). When import is fully done you will see Success message:

When you get Success message demo has been import and everything is set for you to start using the theme.

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