For What Can I Use Craftory Theme?

Craftory WordPress theme by default can be used in two main ways. The first way of using the theme is as pure listing of craftsmen and the other is as full craftsmen job board system with multiple accounts where they can apply to jobs previously posted by users with client account.

In the next two subsections you'll be able to find out more about both default ways of using the theme.

Using Craftory theme as full craftsmen listing and job board system

Using Craftory theme as full job board system means that your users will be able to create their accounts while choosing role as either "craftsman" or "client".

To find more about user roles go to this section: User Roles

One of the main things by using the theme in this way is ability for users, depending whether they are of craftsman or client role, to post jobs, create their profiles with a lot of options, apply or invite to jobs, managing jobs and job applicants ( craftsmen that applied to an job ), review system with ratings and testimonials, searching for both jobs and craftsmen and a lot more.

To find out how to install theme fully use below guide:

Full Theme Installation

Using Craftsman theme as craftsmen listing only

Using Craftory theme as listing of craftsmen will remove all functionality connected to jobs from the theme, which means that only things relevant to Craftsmen will be left. We strongly suggest this option if your intention when buying the theme was to have listing of people ( craftsmen ) and more like affiliate website.

If you needed theme which will allow your site visitors to effectively perform search, that would be great for SEO and affiliate marketing, then this is the option for you.

To find out how to install theme for craftsmen listing only use below guide:

Craftory Listing Installation

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