How To Monetize Craftory Theme?

There are two possible ways of monetizing Craftory theme. We decided to call them active and passive way of earning from your site. In the next two subsections you'll be able to find out how to do that.

What is considered to be active way of monetizing?

Active way of earning money from site is done directly through your site. When user, either with role of craftsman or client, decides to upgrade their account to featured or premium they will make a previously defined payment directly through site payment system. That way you will immediately earn money for the service your site is offering.

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What is considered to be passive way of monetizing?

Passive option of earning money from site comes from successfully applying Google Adsense program for which we made specific arrangements in the way ads are showing on your website.

Find out more about Google AdSense - Google AdSense

In future we will add more ways of passive ways of income.

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