Client Applications

For each craftsmen that has applied to work on your job you will an application will be created. Go to My Profile -> Jobs -> Jobs Listing to see listing of all active jobs.In above image you can see that each job box has some icons at the bottom area:

When you have some applications for job it will be displayed like this:

Clicking on New Applications will lead you to overview of all applications for given job.

When and job is in progress job box will have icon and text like this instead:

As soon as the job is marked as finished and only Job in progress... can be marked as finished, it will be moved to Finished Job section. You can see that when job is in progress you'll no longer be able to delete that job posting.

Managing Job Applications

When your job has applications you can see and manage theme by clicking on above mentioned icons.

When you click on icons you'll be lead to Job Applications screen:Here you'll find table with all job applicants. You can accept an application, reject an application or contact craftsman by email.

Let's see what happens when you perform an action by clicking on each of those icons on the right.

  1. Clicking on success icon ( green icon ) will accept that job application and that craftsman will be considered as the one who works on your job. When you accept an application all others will be immediately set to status Rejected.
  2. When you click on delete icon ( red icon in the middle ) you will rejected that application.
  3. If you click on envelope ( blue icon ) you'll be able to send email to that craftsman.

When you accept an application first set of icons in the table will be switched to this one:Clicking on blue icon will mark job as finished and from that moment you'll be able to give review and rating to that craftsman.

Find out more on about review system: Testimonials & Ratings

Accidentally changed job application status and cannot revert back?

If you accidentally accepted or rejected application you'll not be able to turn it back yourself. The only way to fix it is to contact site administration where he will be able to do it for you.

Site administrator needs to go to Jobs Applications -> All Applications -> APPLICATION and inside it switch status in select box.

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