Craftsman Applications

When an Craftsman applies to work on the job job application is created and its status can be monitored through craftsman profile page.

Find out more on how to apply to job: How To Apply To Job?

Here's how to have an overview of all your job applications.

Go to My Profile page and click on Jobs -> Job Applications in navigation sidebar.

When you follow that path you'll find yourself on Job Applications page where you can see statuses of your all applications.If application status is set to Inactive or in Progress you'll be able to contact Client that has posted the job.

When your job application is marked as Progress that means that your application has been accepted and that you are considered to wok on the job.

When the job is ended your applications will be marked as Finished by client and you'll be able to access it by clicking on Finished Jobs in sidebar navigation.Now you'll be able to give review to client by going to his profile page.

Find out more on about review system: Testimonials & Ratings

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