Here you can set promo homepage section options

Let's go over these options:

  1. Promo Section Template - Select homepage promo template between full width template and cards template
  2. Promo Section Title - Enter homepage promo section title
  3. Promo Section Subtitle - Enter homepage promo section subtitle
  4. Promo Image Opacity - Choose promo images opacity. 0 means that image is not visible until hovered
  5. Promo Craftsman Image - Set homepage promo craftsman image
  6. Promo Craftsman Title - Set homepage promo craftsman title
  7. Promo Craftsman Subtitle - Set homepage promo craftsman subtitle
  8. Promo Client Image - Set homepage promo craftsman image
  9. Promo Client Title - Set homepage promo client title
  10. Promo Client Subtitle - Set homepage promo client subtitle

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