Client Backend Administration

Client backend administration is being controlled from two places in wp admin area. From Users section and from Craftsmen section.

  1. Users Backend
  2. Jobs Backend

Users Backend

Users backend section from wp admin affects Profile Settings in frontend.

To change users settings in backend go to Users -> All Users -> USER.

Jobs Backend

To manager jobs of certain client you will need to go to Jobs -> All Jobs -> JOB

You can find out, when following path, jobs by certain author by seeing it name in the job table on the column for appropriate job.

You can also track what job status is in the first column Job Status.

When you enter certain job you will be able to modify it or if you click on Add New button on the top you will be able to add new job.

Let's go over job backend fields.First fields from top to bottom in the image above are:

  1. Field to set job title
  2. WordPress editor where you can set description of the job
  3. In the job author information you can choose from the users with role Client that will be author of the job.

Next part of fields are as job information fields:

  1. Phone Number - Here you can set job phone number that craftsmen can get you.
  2. Job Email - Here you can set job email on which craftsmen can get you
  3. Website Link - Here you can set job website if you have one
  4. Image Gallery - Image gallery of job posting
  5. Promotional Video - Here you can add link to promotional video for job if you have it. All popular hosting sites are supported, like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Next part is job address map.With this field and map you can set job address, start typing and choose from recommendation, user marker to fine tune selection.

Last part of adding or editing job can be found in the right sidebar of Job Post Type screen.

You can set job categories from first window while job regions are automatically found and set by your address.

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