Craftsman Backend Administration

Craftsman backend administration is being controlled from two places in wp admin area. From Users section and from Craftsmen section.

  1. Users Backend
  2. Craftsmen Backend

Users Backend

Users backend section from wp admin affects Profile Settings in frontend.

To change users settings in backend go to Users -> All Users -> USER.

Craftsmen Backend

Craftsmen backend represents Business Details on frontend. Changing this details will change its frontend counterparts too.

To access Craftsman backend go to Craftsmen -> All Craftsmen -> CRAFTSMAN.

First set of information is shown in this screenshot.

  1. First field you see on this image is Business Title.
  2. Next one is WordPress editor and it is used to type business description.
  3. Last one is Craftsman Rating section that is not changeable. Here will be displayed craftsman average received rating.

Let's see the next part of Craftsman Post Type which is craftsman author information.This part is not visible on frontend and it is not possible for users to directly change it.

  1. _Choose Author - _With this field you can set different craftsman author from the list of possible ones.
  2. _Set Featured Level - _Here you can set featured level of the author.
  3. _Set Premium Level - _With this field you can set craftsman account level.

Find out more on this field in users role too: Role Craftsman

Next part would be business craftsman information.Let's go over fields:

  1. Phone Number - Set business phone number
  2. Website Link - Set business website link
  3. Image Gallery - Add multiple images for business gallery
  4. Promotional Video Description - Add description for promotional video below.
  5. Promotional Video - Add link to your promotional video. All popular video hosting sites are supported ( YouTube, Vimeo etc. )

Next part holds information about working hours of the business

Each field represents one day in the week, use format that is explained in field description or leave empty to mark day as non working.

Next is coming Map where address and covered area can be set.

Just start typing address to get recommendation and use marker to fine tune position if you wish. Click on the icon on the right of the image to start drawing area that you are covering with your business.

Last part is sidebar of Craftsman post type where you can overview categories and regions.

You can set as many categories as you wish but regions will be set automatically by your address.

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