Client Membership

Client membership consists of Free Trial and Premium membership options. When client is in Free Trial period its profile will have option to post certain amount of jobs that you, as administrator of website, have predefined in theme options and that amount of jobs would be visible to site visitors for certain amount of time.

Find out more on how to setup membership options: Membership Setup

Client frontend membership

Client at anytime can check their membership status by visiting to their profile page.

Find out more about user profile pages: User Administration ( Profile Pages )

Expired Profile

Premium Profile

Jobs are not visible?

If user jobs are not visible anymore on search page and listings page then that means your account has been expired. User needs to upgrade their profile or you, as site administrator, can to that for them from backend.

Clients backend membership

At any time as site administrator you can change clients membership. There are two possible ways of how you can do it.

  1. Go to chosen user ( Users -> All Users -> USER ) and select its membership option by select appropriate option in select field.

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