How Craftory Theme Works?

Here we will explain basic concept of how Craftory theme works when it is fully installed.

There are two type of accounts to this theme. Craftsman & Clients.

Find out more about user roles: User Roles

Craftsmen are users that are applying to jobs that were posted by Clients. When an Client posts a job or when Craftsman creates its profile it will be displayed at various places on the site, most notably on search page. Craftsmen then will be able to apply on jobs, be invited to work on jobs by Clients and both of them will be able to give reviews and ratings for each job to each other.

Find out more on how to post job: How To Post Job?

Find out more on how to apply to job: How To Apply To Job?

When Craftsman applies to job job application will be created that can be managed by Clients.

Find out how more on how job applications work: Applications

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